Points to Ponder with Saint Pierre

Dreamers: Beware of Dream Killers

June 18, 2023 Saint Pierre Season 2 Episode 1
Points to Ponder with Saint Pierre
Dreamers: Beware of Dream Killers
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Protect your dreams.

Beware of Dream Killers


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Welcome to points to ponder with Saint Pierre.

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I am Saint Pierre.

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I say to you to beware of dream killers.

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Not everyone wants to see your dreams come to pass.

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Don't share everything with everybody.

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Let us ponder for few.

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Your dreams are precious and powerful.

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They are packed with purpose that can shape and change the world for generations to come.

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Because of this, there are people that are hell bent on keeping you from such a destiny.

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They are predators that look for vulnerabilities to forever kill your dreams.

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There's the naysayer that always says you can't because of fear or weakness.

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There is the hater.

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That flat out doesn't believe you can.

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And then there's the faker.

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This is the one that pretends to be happy for your dreams, but is jealous and waiting for the moment to betray you.

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These three come in many forms, from family to friends to true enemies.

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The dream naysayer points out all the reasons why you can't fulfill your dream.

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You're too young or too old.

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You're not smart enough.

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What if you fail?

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They sow seeds of doubt into your world.

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They emphasize their flaws and encourage your fears.

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You might have a dream to be a doctor, but the dream naysayer will remind you that you failed by ality in 10th grade and that you can't afford Med school.

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You might desire to be an astronaut, but the dream naysayer will tell you that you are afraid of heights and that someone from your neck of the woods could never make it.

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This might sound like good advice from someone who cares, or someone who doesn't want to see you hurt if things fail but the naysayer is not encouraging you in a good way.

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Rather than offering concern or caution from a pure perspective, the dream naysayer sets limitations on you based on their perception or opinion of what you can and cannot do.

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Negativity is their method of encouragement.

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They encourage you not to pursue your dreams.

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So think about that someone has the audacity to tell you not to pursue your dreams.

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No matter the reason or their intention, their limitations should not be yours.

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Yes, you might have some flaws or fears that might be obstacles to your dreams, but you can overcome obstacles.

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You can go around any roadblocks.

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Never let the fears of others hinder you from doing what is in your heart to do.

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If you are sure of your dream.

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Than see any encouragement against that dream as a threat, no matter who it comes from.

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Protect your dreams from the naysayers.

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Then there is the dream hater, the one that doesn't believe in your dreams and all you want to be a doctor.

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The dream hater criticizes you for trying to be something you are not.

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What about being an astronaut?

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The Dream hater laughs at the notion that you could even leave your neighborhood, much less splendid Earth, any one that laughs or mocks your dreams as a hater.

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What makes them a hater?

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Most of it is rooted in jealousy.

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Haters tend to be jealous because of their own insecurities.

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You find them in your post comments.

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On Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, you find them in actual careers called bloggers, where they get paid to gossip and spread falsehoods about anyone who desires to do.

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You can also find haters as your contemporaries or other people with your same dreams.

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However, one of the most hurtful dream haters is the one that is a friend or family.

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Those closest to us can be some of the most hateful ones towards our dreams.

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We can find a biblical example of this in the story of Joseph.

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Joseph was a dreamer.

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His dreams were from God, and Joseph told his family all about his dreams.

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His brothers, in their jealousy of such lofty dreams, kidnapped US, trafficked.

00:03:39 Speaker 1

Him to strangers and told the world.

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He was dead.

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Now that's a hater.

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What dream haters don't realize is that this world is big enough for everyone to have and live their dreams.

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Whether or not someone accepts their dreams should not determine your pursuit of it.

00:03:57 Speaker 1

Let them hate you.

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And finally, there's the dream faker fakers pretend when really they are not a fan at all.

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People in your circle might support you to your face, but behind your back, they are not truly on your side.

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Dream fakers hang on to someone else's dream for a while. Faking support and waiting for the opportunity to.

00:04:20 Speaker 1

They know all your secrets.

00:04:21 Speaker 1

They know your weaknesses.

00:04:23 Speaker 1

They know all the nuclear codes to blow up your world.

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This comes from someone that has deep, intimate knowledge of you and the superpowers that reinforce your dreams. The story of Samson and Delilah is the perfect example of this. Delilah knew that the secret to Sampson's strength was in his beautiful locks of hair.

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And Samson trusted Delilah with his secrets because she faked her love and support for him.

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But opportunity made her true colors come through.

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Delilah sold out Sampson.

00:04:55 Speaker 1

And revealed that she was indeed a dream faker.

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So pay attention to the people closest to you.

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Intimate relationships can be faked to the point where someone betrays you with your own secrets and weaknesses.

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Dream fakers are difficult to identify because their support seems genuine.

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Just know that the President of your fan club could very well be the biggest dream faker of them all.

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When we dare to have dreams and then share those dreams with others, there's always a risk of running into a naysayer, A hater, or faker.

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These types of people or dream killers, the goal should never be to focus on what they think, say, or do.

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Instead, protect your dreams.

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Guard your dreams like children.

00:05:40 Speaker 1

Protect them like the treasures they are.

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When you encounter opposition or negativity, see it as a threat and treat it accordingly, but most importantly, never give up on the things you believe or in your heart to do while on this Earth dream.

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For music, encouragement and more of the points to ponder podcasts, visit www.pierrewilliams.com. Thanks for listening. Keep pondering. This is Saint here.