Points to Ponder with Saint Pierre

Anatomy of Hate: The Mind of Hate

June 18, 2023 Saint Pierre Season 1 Episode 1
Points to Ponder with Saint Pierre
Anatomy of Hate: The Mind of Hate
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Hate thinks and imagines. 

The Mind of Hate


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Welcome to the points that ponder the Saint Pierre.

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I am Saint Pierre, Verily, verily, I say to you that there is a.

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Psychology to hate.

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Hate has a mind.

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It has a central place where the lead systems and.

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Behaviors are lost.

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Let us ponder the mind of hate.

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The physical human mind is where thoughts, feelings, reasonings and judgments are made.

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It can be conscious or unconscious.

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The mind of hate is no different.

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It too has a conscious RAM and an unconscious one.

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The gateway to the unconscious is either through or sensed.

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Or through our thoughts.

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Therefore, to change the mind of hate, we must change what influences it and what it dwells on.

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We must explore its corners of prejudice, its crevices of ignorance and its coils of deceit.

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Prejudice is an opinion that is not based on an actual experience.

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It is simply prejudging someone or something before even encountering.

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A corner is where two sides meet.

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Therefore, prejudice resides in the corners of the mind, where opinions and reality meet.

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For example, a Mexican immigrant might commit a violent crime.

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The prejudice mind connects the crime with the ethnicity and declares all Mexicans as criminals.

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A direct correlation is falsely applied to the race of the offender and the type of offense.

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This connection becomes a corner erected in the mind of hate that generalizes all such scenarios.

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This type of connection can lead to other structures like racism, like bigotry and misogyny.

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You can be prejudice without being racist, but you cannot be racist without being prejudice.

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If I for example am hit by a flyball.

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By a baseball player wearing red and white.

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Does that mean that all baseball players who wear red and white hit deadly fly balls?

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Of course not.

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Likewise, if I see my neighbor getting attacked by Big bird, big yellow bird, does that mean that all yellow birds are deadly?

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The prejudice mind would incline me to think so.

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Establishing such generalizations as factual is simple minded and ludicrous.

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Prejudices say more about the subject than the object.

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There is, however, something more ludicrous than prejudice, ignorance, the mind of hate has crevices of ignorance.

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These are cracks or fissures in rational logic and scientific evidence that emerge from lack of understanding.

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Knowledge and experience.

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Crevices of ignorance can snake and turn throughout the mind of hate, leading to all sorts of conspiracy theories and wacky beliefs.

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The mind of hate is passionate about what it believes to be true, even without evidence or education to support it.

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The things that people do and say sometimes make you wonder if they have bumped their heads or if they have torn something in their brain by sneezing too hard.

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They make you question if their train of thought is even on a consistent track at all, or did it just veer off into never Neverland?

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Ignorance is the result of miseducating, or the lack of education altogether.

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It is proof that there is a void or crack in the logic somewhere.

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Furthermore, the mind of hate can be so entangled in its own web of lies that it constructs a coil of deceit.

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This coil of deceit is significant because every belief system, every perception and thought will be reinforced by it, like a wildfire on a hot desert.

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Plain deception spreads in such a way that it affects every part of the decision making process.

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It would cause one to fear people in places for no logical reason.

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It would cause great debates and heated discussions over rights over race and religion.

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The call of deception in the mind of hate is almost impossible to unravel because, like a thermostat, it establishes a mindset.

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This mindset then influences behavior and lifestyles.

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Not only is hate alive and well, but it is thinking and coming up with ideas.

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The more alive is told, the more it is.

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Believed that is the power of deception, even when refuted with the truth, deception like a helmet can prevent that truth from.

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Penetrating the mind, some people truly need some sense knocked into them.

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With all its corners, crevices and calls, the mind of hate can still be changed with immersion in the truth.

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With learning and unlearning and with positive experiences, true change can come. If thoughts lead to feelings and actions, then the change must happen with the thought life 1st proverbs 23 seven says as a man thinks so easy. This simply means that what we think about the most, we will eventually become.

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If you continuously entertain negative thoughts of entire people groups, then you are setting the premise in your mind for prejudices to be born.

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If you do not bother to learn about other cultures or lifestyles, then those like yours, then you are creating voids and crevices in your mind where knowledge and understanding should be you are depriving your life of the richness of community and if you are automatically rejecting or oppressing others then you have already.

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Allowed deception to coil and expand in your psyche.

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The mind can be powerful, but it can also be hateful.

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The difference between the two is how it is formed, how it is shaped, and how it is nurtured.

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Be mindful of your mind and let knowledge and truth be your friends.

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God, thank you for creating us in your image.

00:05:56 Speaker 1

Thank you for giving us a sound mind.

00:05:58 Speaker 1

Thank you for wetting our appetites for knowledge and truth.

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May we ever cling to love and dismantle all forms of hate, even in our thought life.

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Grant US peace and understanding as we grow together for our sake, for your glory in Jesus name.

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Man for music, encouragement and more of the points to ponder podcasts. Visit www.pierrewilliams.com. Thanks for listening. Keep pondering. This is Saint here.