Points to Ponder with Saint Pierre

Anatomy of Hate: The Hands of Hate

June 18, 2023 Saint Pierre Season 1 Episode 4
Points to Ponder with Saint Pierre
Anatomy of Hate: The Hands of Hate
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Hate has hands and it loves to use them to destroy and discriminate. 

The Hands of Hate


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Welcome to points of hunger with Saint Pierre I am Saint Pierre.

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Barely, barely, as say to you that hate has hands hate since his hands to destroy anyone in the way of his quest for domination, let us ponder the hands of hate.

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Throughout history, we see examples of the good and bad committed by us mere mortals.

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We were capable of inventions such as the automobile, the airplane, and the telephone that literally changed the world.

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For the better.

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We were capable of developing nations into entire civilizations with their own ways of growing and gathering food, distributing water and establishing shelter.

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Accompanying such exceptional good were acts of absolute evil, fueled by greed and executed by hate.

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And continues to seek to steal, kill and destroy.

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Hate can be jealous and envious, which leaves it to steel.

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It desires what others have and devises plans to get it.

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Or it simply does not want some one to possess anything.

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So to thwart this, the hands of hate still in both tangible and intangible ways, tangible ways include stealing land and natural resources from Native Americans.

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It includes exploring the continent of Africa for its diamonds and using child labor to get them.

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It also includes kidnapping, a royal intelligent and industrious people, robbing them of their freedom and dignity, only to enslave.

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But the hands of hate, also still in ways not easily detected by natural senses.

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They deny people jobs based on race.

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This steals the livelihood of people, hence of hate, prevent access to basic needs like healthy food, clean water and decent shelter.

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This steals the quality of life for people.

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Without access to basic needs, the overall health and life expectancy is negatively affected.

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Furthermore, the hands of hate, write textbooks or compose tweets to communicate lies and misinformation.

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This steals the truth and impacts of freedom of people to make the right choices.

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They also take the creative talents of others and bind them to fraudulent contracts and hold them legally hostage for years.

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This stills the intellectual property of.

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Hate is a thief hell bent on exploiting others.

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When we take away basic human rights from entire people groups, that is stealing.

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When we discriminate in our employment practices, that is stealing any time something, whether tangible or intangible, is taken or is denied.

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When someone else, for reasons or motives that are unjust and impure, that is stealing hate, is a thief.

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Hate is not only a thief, though, it is a murderer.

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The hands of hate or killers.

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They are terrorists seeking to annihilate others.

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Remember, 911 hate did that. Remember the Oklahoma City bombing or the Boston Marathon bombing? Hate. Did those? What about the numerous school shootings? Columbine, Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech and many others?

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Hate was responsible for those.

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Let us not forget the murders, hate committed behind a police bag.

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Remember George Floyd, Eric garner.

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Michael Brown, Tamir rice.

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Brianna Taylor and many others.

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Hate was the motivator and perpetrator in their murders, too.

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If we look back in history, we know of so many examples of the hands of hate.

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Taking the lives of others, entire terrorist organizations like the KKK, the Nazis, and many other nationalists or separatists.

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Were founded on principles of hate and operated even to this day.

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Accordingly, lynching, hangings, assassinations, executions, and massacres were all committed by the hands of hate.

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To willfully take the life of the ones you hate is usually a goal of the hands of hate.

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Hate is a murderer.

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It has shed innocent blood.

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It has slaughtered millions of people.

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It has waged wars, bombed nations and mastered populations.

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Hate, indeed, is a murderer.

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If hate can.

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Steal from others.

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If it can kill others, then the final prize is the destruction of others.

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The hands of hate won't to destroy.

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This means they want to end all chances of regrowth or repopulation.

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This is most notable in genocide.

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Genocide is the deliberate.

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Killing of entire people groups based on their genetic makeup.

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If the entire group can be killed.

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Then that would result in the extinction of that bloodline.

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This is gold to the hands of hate the Jews suffered at the hands of hate in the Holocaust.

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Nazi Germany sought to remove any trace of the Jewish people from the face of the Earth.

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We see a similar example of this in the Rwanda genocide.

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A mass number of Tutsi were slaughtered by rebel forces in attempts to annihilate the bloodline.

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Entire families, communities and nations have been destroyed by the hands of hate.

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The destruction is brutal and devastating, even affecting generations thereafter.

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Destruction is about affecting.

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Not just the present, but generations to come.

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When we have no value for life.

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We will do anything to a life.

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We will reject it, oppress it, we will smother it, taking away its very right to breathe.

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Life has no meaning to the hater when it is treated and discarded like garbage.

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History has taught us what loss, what death, what destruction remains.

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When hate sets its hands to work, hate is a thief.

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Hate is a murderer, and hate is a destroyer.

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Take a look at your.

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Hands take a good look.

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At both sides, ask yourself are they hateful?

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Have they stolen from others?

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Have they killed any one God?

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Have they been used for destruction?

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Who may ascend the mountain of the Lord, who may stand in his holy place.

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Only the one who has clean hands and a pure heart.

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Thanks for listening.

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This is Saint here.