Points to Ponder with Saint Pierre

Anatomy of Hate: The Heart of Hate

June 18, 2023 Saint Pierre Season 1 Episode 3
Points to Ponder with Saint Pierre
Anatomy of Hate: The Heart of Hate
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Hate definitely has a heart. It has a core where it's evil resides.

The Heart of Hate


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Welcome to points to ponder with Saint Pierre.

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I am Saint Pierre, Verily, verily, I say to you that hate is alive and well, therefore it needs to be destroyed.

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To do so, we must see hate as an enemy, and we must understand it in all its parts.

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Let us ponder for fear.

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Miriam Webster defines hate as an intense dislike or extreme aversion. Imagine hate as a ferocious monster whose life's goal is to kill what it intensely dislikes.

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You and me like a monster lurking in the shadows.

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Hate can sneak upon you and take you by surprise.

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It can appear out of nowhere and can come from unexpected people and places.

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It can hold you hostage and even victimize you.

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Denying that hate exists will not magically make it go away.

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We cannot conquer what we do not confront.

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We must fully see and acknowledge hate to take it down.

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If we accept that it exists and that it is embodied in many areas of life, then we can eradicate it.

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We must understand the anatomy of hate.

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It has a heart, a mind, a mouth and hands.

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Killing it requires dismembering it, working from the inside out, then let us begin with the heart of hate.

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The human heart has four chambers, the right and left Atria and the right and left ventricles.

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Each chamber serves A vital part in the activities of the heart.

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What comes from the heart comes through these chambers and follows to all parts of the body.

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If hate can be embodied, then it most definitely has a heart.

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One of the major chambers in the heart of hate is superiority.

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The idea that one is greater than the rest, we mostly equate this ideology with white supremacy at its core, white supremacy has the idiotic notion that those of a white or Caucasian race.

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Or superior beings as compared to any other race.

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However, this notion is dumbfounded for the simple fact that race itself is a social construct.

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This means that the idea of race came from societal means to identify, segregate and oppress people, for race, to be a classification, there must be a distinction.

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Rather than making the distinctions.

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Equal societies use these distinctions to discriminate.

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Thus, the idea of superiority was born, and like a true Chamber of the heart, it vigorously pumps dilating and constricting to a social.

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Construct that is by default morally flawed and scientifically baseless.

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Hate has a superiority complex.

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How can any man stand face to face to another man and declare I am superior?

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Did not God make both men?

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Can the created usurp the creator?

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Absolutely not for if God is love and we are created in his image, then we are extensions of that love in him.

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There is no I in them.

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There is only we.

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If one is superior, then all is superior.

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You cannot claim the High Road when we are all on the same road and you can't claim what you didn't create.

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That would make you a liar and a thief and not the chief.

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Hate indeed has a superiority complex.

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Superiority, however, is not the only facet of the heart of hate.

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There is also the atrium of superficiality.

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I'll say that again, superficiality Simply put, hate is directed towards superficial things such as race and gender.

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It is preoccupied with what can be seen, heard and felt rather than what is truly at the core.

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Hate majors in the visible differences, as if the totality of the entity is evident in its pigment.

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Can you imagine such a thought process that leads one to believe that all red cars are the best and that all green cards should be destroyed, and because they are the best that only red cards can park near the front entrance.

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All other colored cars?

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Was parked in the far rear of the parking lot.

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How absurd, right?

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With no thought given to how the car is made, the engine, the bells and whistles, or even the manufacturer, a blanket statement that all red cards are the best would be certified ignorance.

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How much more absurd is this if we replace cars with race yet laws, institutions, attitudes and judgments?

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Are made with this very idea.

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Prejudices are born and normalized over something.

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As superficial as.

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This is what prompts a white lady to grab her purse tighter when a black man enters the elevator along with her.

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This is what motivates a store clerk to watch black customers more closely, fearing they will steal something.

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And sadly, therefore, unarmed black men are killed by police officers for just having a broken tail light.

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For just standing on the sidewalk, hate is truly superficial.

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To reduce a man to a color is a disrespect to God himself, and to judge that man for his color is blasphemous.

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God's creation is far more complex than simple pigments.

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The wonder of the human body, mind and spirit is beyond comprehension.

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It is unfathomable and infinitely more intricate than a spectrum of colors.

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The appropriate response to differences is not rejection, its appreciation for every difference is another glorious example of God's marvelous creativity.

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Hated superficial God is not let that sink in.

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The heart of hate gives life to all its connections via systematised M I'll say that again, systematizing it's all about systems like a true circulatory system.

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Hate is systematically spread through generations of miseducating through established social injustices and through strategic oppression of different peoples.

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It is infectious, it causes madness and barbaric behavior.

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In some cases, such as genocides and the Holocaust.

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Three particular people groups are familiar with this systematic evil of hate.

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The Jews, the black Americans, and the Native Americans.

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Caucasian settlers landed on the shores of America.

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They brutally slaughtered the Native Americans and colonized the land.

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Colonization systematically led to Western expansion and simultaneously continued the oppression and marginalization of the Native Americans.

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Furthermore, Caucasian settlers and their descendants kidnapped black Africans.

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And brought them to America to help work the land as slaves, erecting the institution of slavery.

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Slavery was a protected system, something they were proud of.

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It took a civil war to end it and let us not forget how white Germans tortured and murdered millions of Jews and the war it took to end that.

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First, John 315 says that anyone who hates is a murderer. He seeks to spread his own and to kill and destroy all others. There is no other intent of a disease like any disease, hate is a murderer. It is pathological.

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Leaders and citizens of countries claim to be righteously rooted on principles of Jesus the Christ.

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Yet every law and statute they erect as otherwise oaths are taken with hands on Bibles, but with hearts far from the heart of God.

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If freedom is only for those who look and believe like you, then there is no freedom at all.

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Slave to hate in your plight.

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To extend freedom with partiality.

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You cannot love God and hate any man you cannot.

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Hypocrisy is a disease.

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Hate is pathological.

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Together they produce a monster, a murderer.

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As complex as hate might appear, it is quite simple.

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Hate is a monster, a living, breathing and evil monster.

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It has a diseased heart that is deceived by superiority, superficiality and systematised M it affects every part of the body replacing rational, compassionate thought with evil, treacherous unrighteousness.

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Like a rabid wild animal, it is not only detrimental to its hosts, but it is also deadly to those around it, leading to Holocaust genocides and lynching.

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Sometimes it takes a war to end these atrocities.

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Sometimes it requires an act of God.

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Just ask an Egyptian pharaoh about that.

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Whatever the method, the monster that is hate needs to be destroyed.

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Let us eradicate it for the sake of humanity.

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Kill it, cut its heart out and let it die so that we can truly live the life of love.

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God intended us.

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To live when he created us in his image.

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I encourage you to take notice of hateful thoughts and behaviors in your own life.

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Do you prejudge people in situations too quickly?

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Do you equate entire groups of people to certain negative attributes or you using your position or power to systematically oppressed people that are different than you?

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Has your granted?

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Authority giving you a superiority complex?

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If so, check your heart.

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Change it if necessary.

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So goes your heart.

00:09:17 Speaker 1

So goes your life.

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So goes out.

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For music, encouragement and more of the points to ponder podcasts, visit www.pierrewilliams.com. Thanks for listening. Keep Honda. This is Saint Pierre.